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Quick and Effective

It is quick and effective, and it can be performed at home, the gym, or outdoors

Well Balanced

The workouts are well balanced, full-bodied and are designed to improve muscle tone and joint health

Strong Muscles

It promotes strong muscles, elevates metabolism, and increases overall endurance, wich all aids in fat burning

Smart Nutrition Advice

It provides you smart nutrition advice and guidance, along with some tasty and easy-to-follow recipes

Meet the program

Why vertical7 is the right program for you

Vertical7 is a result-driven, high-intensity workout system that has been developed by two accomplished female fitness professionals. The system is devised of a series of exercises to offer you a fat-burning, safe, smart, and well-balanced workout.

After many years of working with clients on goals varying from vanity, freedom from pain, improved posture, and joint longevity, we felt a duty to harness our knowledge and encapsulate that into a safe and effective workout system for the smart fitness enthusiast.

Perfect formula

To tap into your body's greater potential

We approach strengthening the human body from a preventative standpoint; we’ve developed a system that burns fat, builds lean muscle, and promotes improved posture and core strength.This is the perfect formula to achieve a banging body from an intelligent approach.

Our goal is to create a platform where women can come together to pursue passions, overcome limitations and unwrap the unrealized. Joining Vertical7 provides you with a support system offering you guidance, inspiration, and a blueprint to help you tap into your body’s greater potential. 


Together we decided to create a community-driven by guidance, inspiration, and information for woman who wish to have a better lifestyle.
Information Zone
Your body has a uniqueness worth your curiosity. Empower yourself with knowledge. Your body deserves for you to know, care , and be aware.


What people say about Vertical7
  • Vertical7 leads to real results!  The program’s exercises were targeted to increase my strength and supercharge my metabolism – and I could see changes in my body after just a few sessions. It also provided concrete and easy nutritional advice that enhanced my exercise results. From following the Vertical7 method, I had an 11 pound weight loss and became markedly stronger and fitter.

    Ingrid Bagby
    Vertical 7 Client

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