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Exercising is great for gaining strength, for feeling confident, for looking great, and for feeling strong.  These all seem like fairly , obvious reasons for working out, but another important reason working out is good and beneficial for you that no one ever mentions is that it promotes better sex. Who doesn’t want to have great sex!! So let’s talk about it. You’re engaged in a beautiful sexy time with your lover, your legs are suspended in the air or perhaps wrapped around your partner, and everything is feeling fantastic, but then your legs start to tremble, and not from all the good stuff going on, but from fatigue. You can’t maintain this position for much longer, but you’re not quite ready to change. Your legs feel on the verge of a cramp, and you  just cannot hold them there any longer, so you have no choice except to give in to the fatigue. Thankfully, there are other wonderful positions to maneuver into, so all is not totally lost, BUT you were having such a great time in that position.  So, think about it: if your legs are weak or tight, maintaining your legs in certain positions during sex can be very exhausting and force you to change positions when you may not be ready to switch. The same goes for having a weak core.  It takes muscle endurance to sustain many sexual positions and motions, and having great core strength and muscle endurance can allow you to stay in those positions you love for longer periods of time without extreme levels of fatigue. What about flexibility?  You guessed it; having good levels of flexibility can have a great outcome on your  mobility and transitions during sexcapedes, allowing your joints to endure when they are stretched to extreme ranges or undergo odd transitions. Also all of those high intense interval workouts you engage in to stay in shape, leaves you ready and able to sustain long and sweaty bouts with your partner between the sheets.

Those hardcore workouts you’ve been diligently and painstakingly sweating it out in, not only have you on a path to reaching some great fitness and weight loss goals, but also can increase your sex drive and allow you to have some fun sexual adventures. Now you have yet another exciting reason to keep working out.  So, if your sex life is a little on the lazy side, getting into some new challenging fitness routines and programs can boost your energy and strength in the bedroom too.  Having a healthy and intense sex life is great for your physical and mental health, so increase your cardiovascular fitness, strengthen your core, gain more muscle endurance, your sex life will also benefit from it.  

Sexually speaking,

Tonya T

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