Stuck on You: Reasons why you can’t lose those lbs

Working out brings forth so many feelings and emotions, whether it’s before, during, or after you’re finished. One of the toughest emotions to deal with when you workout is the feelings of frustration and confusion. When you are putting in so much good work and the results just aren’t coming, you can’t help feeling frustrated. But don’t let the frustration curb your efforts!! Take a step back and assess where you need to make changes. Here are some possible changes you need to explore to help you get out of 2nd gear and into 3rd with your workouts.

  1. Are you consuming enough calories? It is not uncommon for people to under-eat, which will cause your body to hold on to fat/weight, and even gain extra weight. If you aren’t consuming enough calories, your body will perceive this as starving and it will store necessary calories as fat for your body to use as fuel for later use. It is very important to follow a healthy balanced diet and consume calories to keep your metabolism properly fueled.
  2. Are your workouts challenging you enough? If you’ve been repeating the same workouts for weeks on weeks at a time, your body will adapt to that workout and stop responding. The workout may cause you to sweat and even still be somewhat difficult for you, but your body and all of its working systems adapt to stimulus pretty quickly, so it’s important to change up your routine to present your body with new challenges. One way to do this is to perform a few more repetitions in each set, or perform an extra set of each exercise. There are many other ways to up the challenge, but this is a simple recommendation to start with today.
  3. Where are your stress levels? Stress can wreak havoc on your body and its internal systems. When stress levels are high, your metabolism suffers. Metabolism isn’t just your body’s ability to break down calories, it is also how your body manages hormones. If one system isn’t working properly due to malnourishment, then all of the other systems will be affected in some way. This means that there is an overall imbalance of nutrients and hormones and your weight loss goals will halt. One way to help relieve stress is to learn to meditate. It may be a process, but it will be well worth the effort. Some other ways to destress are to practice moments of deep breathing, moments of pressure point therapy with yourself, aroma-therapy at home and at your office, and listen to calming music. These are a few things that you can implement into your day. You have to start somewhere, why not right now!

Try not to let frustration derail you and your goals. We all have moments of plateau in our workouts, but you have to be able to recognize that you have plateaued and reassess your routine, and reroute yourself to a new path. Recognize, Reassess, Reroute. Never give up.

Stay diligent,

Tonya T

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