The Importance of Neutral Spine during Exercise

Now that you have a better understanding of what a neutral spine is and how to find it, you can assume it while you are exercising and feel yourself get stronger in the process.  Neutral spine is super important when you are under the load of external weights AND your own bodyweight, because it places your joints in the safest position possible.  And after all,  Safety First!, right.  

       When your body is in proper alignment, your joint systems can take load without compromising the integrity of your foundation.  All of this comes with building a strong core system and postural alignment.  As you go through the Vertical7 program, there will always be queues to help you tap into your core while going through movements and holding exercise positions.  You probably aren’t new to working out and exercising, so, many of the movements you perform in the Vertical7 System will be familiar to you.  With familiarity, comes comfortability: do not let this familiarity allow you to be lax in your movements.  Always work on maintaining a neutral spine when performing your exercises, that way you will be working on getting stronger core control even in the static positions as your limbs are doing a movement.  

   When you challenge yourself to work in neutral, you are also strengthening your core.  So you can see how neutral spine, postural alignment, and core strength goes hand in hand?  You can’t have one without working the other.  They are 3 peas in a pod, and are important to the foundation of your strength building and future spine health.  As we grow older and experience daily stress on our spine and joints, our posture and core strength can become compromised.  If you gain a base knowledge of what a neutral spine is, then you are giving yourself a head start on protecting your spine from future turmoil.  So, find your neutral and strengthen your core.  Your spine will thank you for it.


Tonya T

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