Don’t Wear a Bad Habit:  Good ones make you look better

   Nuns wear habits, we have them, some good and some very bad.  It’s time to shed some bad habits y’all.  Think of the habit you need to omit from your day to day.  Write that habit down, and underneath that habit, write down all of the negative outcomes of that habit; you will use this checklist when you start to feel that this habit deletion is pointless; and you will feel this way. Habits are formed from and part of patterns that you have fallen into, and just like an addiction to something, you will feel withdrawals when you start to decrease and omit that pattern.  Keep the Habit breaker list somewhere where you can see it Every single day, maybe this place is where the habit comes out most, but make sure that you can see this list.  The listing of the negative outcomes of the habit will shine a spotlight on them and remind you why you are omitting this pattern.  After 10 days, write a new list of all of the positive things that have arrived from discarding this habit. This new list of positives will reinforce your choice to discard the bad habit and promote the decision to identify and tackle the next habit breaker.  This will effectively lead you on a path of identifying and breaking bad patterns.   Continue to work  on not letting the impulsions creep back into your life and focus on the positive feelings and how much better you look without wearing that bad habit. 

Just like clothing for most of us, we want something that makes us feel and look better, the same is true for a habit. Start to weed out your bad habits and work towards becoming stronger at living without them. I understand that habits can be emotional and can sometimes come from places deeper than you are capable of reaching on your own, but, some of these places are reachable and the ones that aren’t are the ones that you can seek outside assistance to help you with. But don’t be afraid to try  breaking your bad habits, and be wise and smart enough to seek outside help when you feel like you need it.

Always be caring,

Tonya T

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