Oh my aching belly:  Uterine Fibroids leave me alone

As a woman of 50 years of age, I have dealt with my fair share of women’s health issues. It began in my late 30’s and galvanized a trip to the emergency room. Enter center stage, Uterine Fibroids. I had had what I assumed was pretty normal menstrual cycles for years, until one night I was startled from my sleep with the most excruciating, mind bending lower abdominal pain. After a trip to the ER and a few OBGYN appointments, I learned that I had a number of Uterine Fibroid Cysts. One of the  larger ones, about the size of a peach, had situated itself in a very inconvenient position which was causing my menstrual flow to halt. That disruption in my menstrual flow, caused the blood to back up causing the tear inducing pain. Apparently these cysts are very common, and there is still research to be done as to what causes them and ways to deal with them. At the time I elected to have a fibroid embolization procedure performed. This is when they go in and zap the blood supply to the fibroids and it causes them to shrink. Another option presented to me was to undergo a hysterectomy. I chose the less invasive remedy. Fast forward to 12 years or so later to today, I had the rude awakening of the UFO’s (uterine fibroid obstructions) rearing their ugly heads again, and learned that the strange volume that I was experiencing in my lower abdomen was none other than those UFO’s coming to life again, this time, the largest one of 7 was  presenting almost twice as large than the original appearance.

 My OB suggested we do nothing, except keep an eye on them, because after menopause, they probably will no longer be an issue. Knowing what was causing my lower stomach to, in my eyes, be fat, I felt better knowing the cause of this new body of mine. I am, in a general healthy eater, but I felt it prudent that I be more diligent on consuming anti inflammatory nutrients and therefore began a daily regimen of turmeric powder and beetroot powder, as well as maca powder. These additions have been so comforting and I now feel like I have a better handle on controlling the level of lower belly bloat I was experiencing. Don’t get me wrong, I still experience monthly bloat when my period is on its way, which is when I can feel the pressure of the largest fibroid (which the Dr says  is as large as my uterus) on my uterus, however, I no longer have the unexplained nagging bloating throughout the month.

What you eat  has a huge impact on your monthly menstrual behaviors, and if your diet is high in unnatural and unhealthy foods, it will present in your body when you are pre-menstral. Even with a healthy diet, there were just some things I needed more of, and I determined that, for me, it was more anti-inflammatory foods. Since I have begun making my beetroot and turmeric smoothie and my maca drinks my pre-menstrual symptoms have mostly vacated. For me, my breast would be unbearably sore, I no longer have that issue; my skin would break out in tiny pimples around my jawline or 1 large zit wherever it chose, my skin is now happy and clear, and my lower back would feel weak and achy for a few days, but the most i get now is a subtle push to let me know my period is coming, nothing more than that. So, let this be yet another reason why eating healthy is important. There are aches and pains and issues that you don’t have to live with, and it could be something as simple as adding a few healthy supplements into your daily eating regimen. Don’t let those UFO’s push you around and leave you confused. Fight back with food!!

Cheers to happy bellies,

Tonya T

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