Stuck in a Rut: Rough Days won’t last forever and Don’t you let them!!!

Today is not the day.  I woke up and just felt like ugggg.  The word is such a strange word, if it is even a word, but it is the perfect spelling and sound to convey this obscure feeling I feel today. UGGGG.  Feeling ugggg happens sometimes, but when I feel like this, I know that it will pass, and the best thing for me to do is to get out, get some fresh air, and listen to the sounds of the world happening.  

My husband asked me what’s wrong, and my answer was, “I don’t know, I just feel UGGGG”  I don’t feel tired, exhausted, or even depressed.  I just feel UGGGG.  So, I go through my training sessions (today, they are all online), which begin to make me feel a bit better, but after I am done, I get off my behind, and go outside to my old Brooklyn rooftop.  You, know, the kind of rooftop that hasn’t been nicely appointed with proper flooring and pretty flower boxes and planted trees.  The old Brookly rooftop with asphalt and exposed hvac units,and cable tv disks!!  But, it’s my peaceful place to go and meditate and listen to the sounds of New York around me without being within the chaos. And I start the process of getting out of my rut.

Meditation, breathing exercises, lip vibrations, and gargling(read this post on gargling: grlgrrlgrrrl-gargle-yourself-to-calmness) never fail to pull me out of my UGGGG feeling.  Adding in a series of stretching flows, and I’m back to my normal UGGGGless self!!! 

My point to all of this is:  Don’t just sit in the rut all day. Employ some therapeutic tactics to help pull you out of that hole you’ve fallen in. Don’t let yourself drown in there.  Call up a pal, and order them to tell you something funny, something pants peeing funny; turn on your favorite cult classic comedy, and let yourself laugh until you feel yourself floating up from that rut.  Get some fresh air, have some sex, deep breath, meditate, masturbate, gargle, vibrate your lips, but whatever you do, don’t just sit around and stay in the rutting rut. The day is waiting for you to make it smile!  Now, get going!! Because, today is the day!!


Tonya T

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