Our System

The Vertical7 System

After years of seat, education, and research in the field, we developed a vertical loading system rooted in one single principle: challenge the mind to transform the body.

How it Works

Balanced Full-Body Routine

Vertical7 is a loading system designed to be performed in a circuit style. It is a direction-driven workout that flows vertically down the woman’s body, alternating upper, core, and lower regions. 

This system delivers a balanced full-body routine to train the entire body in 35 to 45 minute workouts effectively. Each workout is designed around Vertical7‘s three fundamental movement principles and the four core concepts. These tenets make the exercises safe and effective. We encourage you to internalize and channel them as you move through each repetition.


Movement Principles


Posture and Technique

Good posture fosters good technique. Good technique facilitates safe movements. Safe movements maximize results. Perform each exercise with focus and attention to the muscles you are meant to be working on. This is not a race; respect your beautiful body, be kind to your joints, and perform each rep with focus and intention.



Proper breathing is essential during exercise in our program. A good breathing pattern ensures that your working muscles will continue to receive the oxygen they need to keep contracting.


To get the most from each exercise, you must inhale in preparation for the movement and exhale upon exertion, i.e., lifting, pushing, pulling; on the contraction. Holding your breath is a prevalent thing when you are doing intense workouts and movements. If you tend to hold your breath, we encourage you to inhale first, then count the reps out loud as you push the weight. By doing this, you will automatically exhale as you speak out loud the number of your repetition.



When something flows, it means it’s smooth and makes sense. In the context of Vertical7, the flow is essential to us because we want you to have a balanced workout. If you work the muscles on the front of your body without a balance of rear bodywork, you have successfully created muscle imbalance. This isn’t a huge issue in and of itself; however, if this is the way you work out, it becomes a massive issue as you will begin to have unexplained joint pains.


Vertical 7 workouts are designed to work front and back body muscles in the same workout and upper and lower body muscles. Let’s not forget about core and abs.  Using this flow as the basis of all of our workouts, you are guaranteed to experience a balanced high intense workout routine.  The flow of a Vertical 7 workout travels down the body and sometimes around the body. Still, either way, you will find balance in the movements each workout delivers.

Core Concepts



Vertical 7 workouts are strategically planned to encompass the human body’s 7 functional movements, working the 7 major muscle groups. We approach the human body as the 3-dimensional temple that it is. Movements should occur in various directions and planes. Vertical 7 workouts promote movement in all planes of motion while tackling your daily life movements and achieving healthy joints and a toned body.


It all adds to a perfect workout every time.



Vertical 7 workouts are carefully designed to push and progress your body to its full potential but always respect recovery time.


This system allows for the recovery of one muscle group while another muscle group is put under stress. In staggering the regions that are loaded, your body will go through waves of time under tension. The recovery times are allotted for a reason, so be sure to take that time to allow your heart and muscles to reoxygenate. The program calls for medium-range weight use. You will push your body to new lengths while not causing extremes in muscle soreness, fatigue, or post-workout recovery times.



Proper nutrition continues to be a topic of confusion for most people. It gets even more convoluted as your body starts to undergo age-related muscle loss. Protein is a huge factor in gaining and maintaining muscle growth and tone at this phase in life; it is also essential in muscle recovery after a hard workout session. Proper nutrition is a crucial component to achieving your goals and maintaining them as years go by. We will help you make smarter food choices and find protein where you never thought it existed.


Because what you eat is as important as the effort you put in during your workouts.


Knocking down the Wall

The human body is a smart network of systems, and these systems can quickly adapt to applied stimulants. Exercise is not excluded from those adaptations. Vertical 7s circuit based workouts will involve varying degrees of stimuli and are meant to drive you to push past your boundaries.


Beyond this wall is where your body will find the changes it has been searching for. Beyond the wall is where your strength grows. Beyond the wall is the New You.

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